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What is Remind??  Remind, formerly known as Remind 101, is a system used by teachers and administrators alike to send out important and emergency text messages to students, parents, and staff members.  It allows, the teacher and administrator, to send messages ONLY and no responses will be received.  It is a quick and safe way to send messages, reminders, and accolades to parents and teachers.


Please follow the directions below to Get Connected:


1. Use the attached "Class Codes" to complete these directions


2. Open a new text message


3. Send a text message to the number listed on the "Class Codes" sheet


4. In the body of the text, enter the Class Code (beginning with @)


5. Send the text message


6. You should receive a response saying you've been added, OR that you need to respond with your full name. Please then respond with your full name. NO joke names. Remember if there is an emergency we need to know who the message has been sent to.  essages may read "School is cancelled today due to weather." If you put a joke name it does not help us identify who has received the message.